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Nursing Manikin

We are one of the leading names in this industry and our Nursing Manikin provides a wide range of exercises in both conditions first aid as well as for emergency cases. Also which are extensively demanded in Indian as well as in international market for for Medical, Science, Educational & Aid training purposes. Our High quality manikins are designed for professional nursing training.

We bring forth Nursing Manikin that is the precise replica of Human Body Parts thereby giving opportunity to the students to improve their clinical skills and practice medical precisions. Our creative abilities and technical expertise in the domain enables us to carve out accurate design of human body with focus on minutest details. We make sure that each of these Multifunctional Nursing Manikins efficiently serve the purpose of the medical institutions and healthcare centers.

Our Advanced Nursing Training Manikins are suitable for practicing first aid and medical emergency conditions. Herein, we give best efforts to match the flexibility, elasticity, and resistance of the skin and body parts so that nursing students can get the basic and clear idea of first aid, incisions, and others. Varied sizes and enlarged body parts are offered for effective grasp of the content. Labeling and instruction manual is clear and accurate. Mounted base and stand are available.

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CPR Training Manikin

Without any skepticism, Manikin has revolutionized the training realm in the medical science, a life-size statue of a human body that opens the door for medical students and trainee in order to confront themselves with real scenario beforehand. CPR Training Manikin is designed in a way that helps in simulating the condition of emergencies such as bleeding, heart-attack, fire, drowning, besides enabling trainees to hone their skill for resuscitation, rendering first-aid and providing life-support system during such incidents.

CPR Training Manikins are primarily composed of fine grade foam of vinyl coating and soft plastic of different types in order to ensure real feel and touch, therefore the manikins are considered a virtual patient and provide first-hand training to professionals in CPR & Trauma Centers. These are used for anatomical instructions & teaching as well. Being one of the leaders of the manikin industry, we design CPR Prompt Training Manikins in different anatomical structures and features, in agreement with international quality standards, that in fact, heighten realism and successfully cater to the exact need of customers.

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Maternity Model

As we are the leading name in this industry,we have a very wide range of Maternity model products on very affordable price.Our products are highly quality based products for professional nursing training.

Our aim is to provide accurately designed Maternity Model that efficiently serve the medical professionals to teach the basic to the students. Different variety of Maternity Model that we offer includes Leopold Maneuvers Simulator, Vacuum Delivery Model, Vulva Suturing Training Simulator, Maternity Examination Model, and others. We make sure that each of these models demonstrates the same level of flexibility, elasticity, and resistance as the natural human body. This differentiates and give us the desired edge in the market as manufacturer of Maternity Model. We can supply innumerable pieces as demanded by the customers.

Made using high quality PVC Plastic, our Maternity Model give the exact feel, touch, and appearance as of the human body thus students can easily practice nursing and improve their clinical skills. And when prices are concerned, we are remain extremely competitive with discount on bulk and edgy rates. Also, proper packing and inspection are done before delivering the range to the customers.

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Skeleton Model

We have a wide range of Skeleton Model which are made up of high grade quality raw material.These skeleton models are widely used in professional nursing training on large scale.we have different-different models according to different specifications. Skeleton Models are life-like models used for the science applications and imparting hands-on training. These models are made with hand painted body parts that can be observed, dissected and arranged back to their original positions. The human skeleton model is realistically designed for teaching basic anatomy.

All models are long lasting and are used effectively by students in hospitals, schools, universities and laboratories. These models are designed in accordance with stipulated parameters and standardized norms to reflect quality and accuracy. There is a wide variety of Human skeleton model with us such as life- size skeleton model, skeleton model with stand, medium skeleton with nerves and blood vessels and others.


  • Made of durable, washable and unbreakable plastic
  • Reproducible parts included
  • Varied in dimensions and sizes according to client's requirements
Available at leading prices, our skeleton models of which arms, legs and other parts can be dissected for study are a paragon of precision and finishes. With body parts in accurate shape and significant topological properties, our skeleton models stand out in the market. They can be customized according to our customer's requirements as well.


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Anatomical Model

We have all major Anatomical Model in our product range like : Human Placenta,Heart Model,New Style Giant Ear Model and Ovary Model.Our products are specially designed for professional nursing training.

We provide comprehensive assortment of Anatomical Model from head to toe including all internal and external organs. The list encompasses Human Placenta Anatomy Model, Heart Anatomy Model, Enlarged Skin Model, Giant Eye Model, Human Kidney With Adrenal Gland,and others. We also provide Male Urogenital System, Magnified Human Larynx Model, and varied other models suitable for training and teaching purposes. Brain Model With Arteries are also provided by us to meet the diverse requirement of the customers. Our Anatomical Models are superior and authentic in designs owing to which, these are widely demanded in the market.

Our team of professionals make sure that each of these anatomical body parts represent the exact replica of human body. Enlarged sizes are available to get the clear view of body internals to the medical students. Also, this helps in practicing clinical skills requisite during medical emergency conditions. Moreover, our focus is on to serve the customers efficiently with high quality Anatomical Model using PVC Plastic.

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Human Torso Model

We are leading provider of Human Torso Model from last many years in this industry.Spectrum Impex is the well established name in this field.we provides all type of manikins and models for professional nursing training.we have wide range of products from which you can select according to your need.

We are engaged in offering Human Torso Model consisting varied internal and external parts. A set of 27 Parts and 23 Parts are available with us including skull, brain, moveable arm, muscles of upper and lower limbs, exposed spine with removable vertebrae, spinal cord segments, and others. All these parts are exact replica of the human body parts thereby giving quality opportunity to the medical professionals to provide better training to the students. Our Human Torso Model is 85 cm long that can efficiently reflect the body parts, however, enlarged sizes are available for the internal body parts.

Our specialization in designing Human Torso Model with mounting base and instruction model that match the needs of the customers. We put utmost efforts in fabricating these models using natural colors so that students can identify with the situation during medical emergency and practicing administration and management. Also, all these parts have been made using premium grade PVC Plastic.

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Educational Chart

Educational charts is the basic need for any type of professional training,as they provides guidence to understand the process and flow.We are leading for 3D Educational Charts and provides wide range of charts for nursing training.

We provide Educational Chart that is helpful in providing guidance and understand the process and flow whenever required. As a prominent 3D Educational Charts Manufacturer, we offer a comprehensive assortment of the charts efficient in providing nursing training. Our Educational Charts are clearly labeled and efficiently depict each and every human body parts accurately. Furthermore, we make sure that charts are well-prepared intact with the originality of the human body parts. Our Charts are ideally demanded by reputed medical institutions and others that make us carve a niche is the domain as Educational Chart Manufacturer in India.

Laminated and fitted Educational Charts that we offer receive positive response in the market. Moreover, we also provide Charts Printed on Polyart Synthetic Paper in varied sizes. Herein, customized sizes are also provided by us in accordance with the customer requirement. Aluminum Frame with mark-able surface is offered by us that help teachers to provide better training.

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Medical Model

Engaged in the production of medical model, these models are used in medical sciences, laboratories and schools. They are supplied widely due to their realistic designs and accurate shape features. Medical models are singularly designed in individual forms like surgical leg, pro-state inspection model, new born model, fetus models and more.

Standard features:

  • Succinct and tangible
  • Easily understandable
  • Unisex models also available
  • Standard height and dimensions

These models are manufactured in accordance with objective and measurable observation to attain real-life like bodies. These are developed using high technology keeping in mind the safety and hygiene concerns besides interrelation of shapes and contours in analogy. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer these models with significant features at nominal prices.

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Mr. Jitendra Karnawat (President)

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